2016 Year In Review

We all know 2016 was not the best year on record. Between Trump, Bowie, and Brexit, it hasn’t left me inspired. However, I still want to celebrate my personal accomplishments over the last 12 months and look ahead to 2017.

2016 in a Nutshell

  • Bought a new house!
  • Saw two of my amazing friends marry in Colorado Springs.
  • Visited over 14 different cities and two different countries.
  • Went back to New York and hung out with some amazing old friends.
  • Spent three weeks in Europe for a work exchange program. 
  • Took over 10,000 photos.
  • Had 6 photo shoots. 
  • Almost done paying off my student debt! 
  • I became an aunt and have a nephew on the way!
  • Took a Gehrken family vacation for the first time in years.
  • Became a docent at Fontenelle Forest’s Raptor Refuge.
  • Championed a $25K grant for FF Raptor Refuge through Yahoo.
  • Joined the planning board for both Meet the Pros and the YP Summit. 
  • Hosted my first family Christmas.
  • Visited a Cat Cafe in NYC.
  • Threw a killer halloween party.
  • Climbed a mountain in Howth Ireland. 
  • Went back to London (eight years later).
  • Took control of my diet so I don’t feel sick all the time.
  • Drank gin and tonic out of a can. 
  • Attended three professional conferences.
  • Celebrated my 13th year with Ryan (and first wedding anniversary).
  • Started a business plan for my side-hustle – Felius. 

2017 ‘Level 10 Life’ Goals

In 2016, I read ‘The Miracle Morning’ by Hal Elrod. In his book, Hal outlines small changes that can have a large impact on your life, including ways to assess and track your happiness in 10 key areas (called ‘Level 10 Life’). 


“If we’re measuring our levels of success/satisfaction in any area of our lives, we all want to be living our best lives at a ‘Level 10’ in each area. Creating your ‘Level 10 Life’ begins with creating an honest assessment of where you are.”

I decided to do this for 2017. Below are my ‘Level 10 Life’ goals. Excited to have an awesome plan in place for 2017!



  • Keep in touch! (Email, Phone, Text, Facebook)
  • Make plans with friends at least twice a month
  • Spend more time with Adelaide
  • Be as supportive as I can to my friends in need
  • Rekindle relationships with old friends/co-workers
  • Call my mom & dad once a week
  • Visit my mom at least twice


  • Be more conscious of how others perceive me
  • Read at least one new book every month
  • Listen to podcasts while I’m driving
  • Keep up with my Miracle Morning practice
  • Set personal goals at the beginning of every month & review them daily
  • Stop procrastinating
  • Commit to each project and finish it before starting a new one


  • Start and maintain a daily meditation practice
  • Maintain my daily bullet journal
  • Assess my state of mind nightly and re-align with my goals


  • Save 6 months of living expenses in an emergency fund
  • Create a budget and stick to it
  • Review all online subscriptions and opt out of non-necessary ones
  • Pay off my credit card debt
  • Pay off my student debt
  • Limit online spending to $100 per month
  • Pay off house in 8 years
  • Have $100,000 in savings in 10 years


  • Spend an hour every day on Felius
  • Complete Felius business plan
  • Find my dream role at Yahoo and go after it
  • Sell 10 prints on my Etsy store


  • Do something fun together once per week (re-instate our adventure calendar)
  • Vacation just the 2 of us once per year
  • Dream trip to Australia
  • Say ‘I love you’ every day
  • ‘Unplug’ together 1 hour every day (no phones, TV, or laptops)
  • Cook together once per week
  • Plan and celebrate our two year wedding anniversary – long weekend somewhere


  • Learn calligraphy & hand-lettering
  • Learn how to better identify birds
  • Keep expanding my photography skills
  • Take a photo every day


  • Volunteer twice a month at the Raptor Refuge
  • Volunteer three times at the food bank
  • Buy Christmas presents for a family in need
  • Help a friend in need, no questions asked
  • Finish Meet the Pros planning
  • Finish YP Summit Planning


  • Finish decorating our home, room-by-room
  • Create mudroom closet
  • Re-decorate my home office
  • Plant an herb garden
  • Develop and stick to a cleaning schedule
  • Landscape and take care of our outdoor plants
  • Maintain bird feeders
  • Re-vamp my wardrobe (capsule wardrobe?)


  • Do yoga 3x per week
  • Rejoin a gym and do cardio 3x per week
  • Cut back on alcohol
  • Reinstitute my fitness tracker
  • Keep a food journal
  • Cut out more acidic foods